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Fall 10-5-2020


Examining the evidence-based level of scientific productions is a qualitative evaluation. This study aims to examine the evidence levels of nursing scientific production of in Iran, Malaysia and Turkey and their citation in SCOPUS during 2011 to 2015. The evidence level of the products was determined using the table suggested by American Association of Critical Care Nursing-Levels of Evidence, and their citation rates in the highest level of evidence were determined using the reports of SCOPUS citation database. Based on the results, the most scientific products are related to Turkey, Iran and Malaysia, respectively. In Iran, from 1360 articles, 1193 articles are evidence- based. In Turkey, there are 1449 evidence-based articles from 1730. In Malaysia, out of 790 articles, 523 are evidence-based. Investigating of evidence levels showed that the level of scientific product of Iranian evidence-based nursing is higher than Malaysia and Turkey.C itation rate to Malaysian evidence level A is more than two other countries, and Iran and Turkey, respectively, are placed after Malaysia. So Evidence-based tendency process is growing in three countries but very slowly. In line with the moving towards the evidence-based levels, there should be regular, planned and comprehensive trainings on evidence-based performance.



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