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This study investigated social media use among students of University of Education, Winneba and University of Cape Coast in Ghana. The purpose of the study was to investigate social media platforms and their usage among students, the purposes for students’ use of social media, the amount of time students spent on social media and the amount of time they spent studying daily. The study is a quantitative design that used survey research methodology. A sample size of Level 300 and Level 400 students was selected, out of which 390 (97.5%) responded to the questionnaire that was administered. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select respondents from three faculties in each university. The data was analysed with SPSS version 23, while the hypotheses were tested using the Chi-square to find out relationships among the variables. The study revealed that the students used the social media for entertainment/recreation, latest news or events, socialization among others. Majority of the respondents spent four and five hours daily on social media. WhatsApp was the most popular social media platform among the students. Also, the time students spent on social media adversely affected the amount of time they spent studying daily. The study recommended that topics on the pros and cons of social media use be integrated into the various courses of study, and provision of facilities that support the use of technology including social media. Lastly, students should allot quality time for studies as against the time they spend on social media platforms.



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