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Introduction: Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences is peer review and indexed in the Scopus-Elsevier database. This study signifies the participation of (PJMHS) in the research productivity, published from 2019 - 2009.

Material and Methods: The records of the published data retrieved from PJMHS website and Scopus-Elsevier database for tabulation in MS Office Excel Sheet. Frequency of publications, type of documents, usage of pages, citations, and association of the first author with their countries.

Results: Total 3817 documents written by 15401 (4%) authors in seven categories published in 43 issues. An average of (2.8%) pages consumed with getting of 896 (23.4%) citations in publications. Collaboration of three authors contributed 1339 (36.6%) documents and got first slot, and four authors 3344 (21.7%) added 836 (22%) of documents. The first authors affiliated with 29 countries around the globe participated in publications; Pakistan with 3484 (91%), Iran 79 (2%), Indonesia 77 (2%), and Kingdome of Saudi Arabia 65 (1.7%) stand on top places.

Conclusion: Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (PJMHS) is a peer-reviewed journal published continuously and facilitates research communities of medical and health sciences to get their attention in sharing ideas on a reciprocal basis from similar specialties or sub-specialties of common disciplines.