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Summer 10-9-2020


The perception of employees on their leader could affect their behaviour and work culture. This paper assessed employees’ perception on leadership and information services of the Sam Jonah library (University of Cape Coast) in Ghana. The rationale of the paper was to find out how the leader (director)influenced the behaviour of the employees as well as the library’s culture in providing information services. The study adopted the positivism paradigm and employed the survey research design. A set of questionnaires was used to collect data from 140 respondents drawn from various sections of the library. Interviews and observations were also used to triangulate the data collected. Similarly, the purposive sampling technique was used to select participants for the interview whereas the simple random technique was also used to select respondents in the senior and junior staff categories. A sample size of 146 comprising of 6 senior members, 38 senior staff and 102 junior staff out of 230 employees were selected for the study.

The study discovered that management never encouraged equal treatment among employees of the library. Also, the management did not involve the employees in the decision-making processes of the library and these made the employees have a negative perception about the existing leadership style and that affected the information service delivery of the library. The study recommended that in order to make employees committed to the library and information services, management and leaders of the Sam Jonah library must encourage equal treatment among their employees.