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There are many sources of Islamic economic thought left by Muslim Scholars. For decades, contemporary Muslim economists have been trying to explore and examine the contribution of Muslim Scholars. Among the efforts is to produce the book of the history of Islamic economic thought (HIET) either by thematic approach or by a personal approach. The current study aims to explore how often and profoundly the discussion of the economic thought of the Muslim scholars among authors of HIET, especially on a personal approach. Therefore, to extract and analyze the data will use a simple content analysis and descriptive approach. Twenty-two books of HIET were selected to satisfy this study. The result showed that more than ninety Muslim scholars showed by HIET’s authors. However, only a few scholars got more attention and in-depth discussion by HIET’s authors. While the rest are still getting less attention. Additionally, even though some scholars might have great contributions, but their contributions discussed briefly even ignored. Thus, some extra efforts are needed to produce the book of the history of Islamic economic thought (HIET), and the history of the Muslim Economy (HME).