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Winter 10-17-2020


Content is the form through which the information is conveyed as per the requirement of user. A volume of content is huge and expected to grow exponentially hence classification of useful data and not useful data is a very tedious task. Interface between content and user is Search engine. Therefore, the contents are designed considering search engine's perspective. Content designed by the organization, utilizes user’s data for promoting their products and services. This is done mostly using inorganic ways utilized to influence the quality measures of a content, this may mislead the information. There is no correct mechanism available to analyse and disseminate the data. The gap between Actual results displayed to the user and results expected by the user can be minimized by introducing the quality check for the parameter to assess the quality of content. This may help to ensure the quality of content and popularity will not be allowed to precede quality of content. Social networking sites will help in doing the user modelling so that the qualitative dissemination of content can be validated.