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The present study attempt to compare the research output in terms of publications between two Asian giants India and china in nuclear science and technology for the period 2000 to 2019 as indexed in web of Science database under different parameters like publications size, mode of communication, research wise distribution, authorship pattern and collaboration pattern, citation pattern. The study reveals that India published 8637 research papers while China published 16879 papers which is almost twice of India’s publication. India leads China in terms of average citation per paper. China shows tremendous growth after 2012. In terms of collaboration, Germany is at the top with India and USA is at the top with China. Researchers have tendency to publish their papers in group rather than individual. Contributors from both the countries have tendency to publish their paper in journal. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre share 37% of the total output of India’s publication where Chinese Academy of Science shares 33% of the total output of China in nuclear science and technology.