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This study seeks to assess the information literacy skills of undergraduate students in one of Ghana’s multi-campus universities. This became necessary as there was the need to know whether the students had understood or not the concepts of the information literacy programme after it had been introduced and taught, two years ago. Using the survey approach, 327 first year diploma and degree students were selected to participate in the study. x2 ≤ 0.05 is also used in the study to test the existence of associations between interested variables. The results of this study revealed that majority of the students have become fully aware of what plagiarism is and its implications on their academic lives; it was further disclosed by the study that a large number of students have also realized the need to always evaluate information before using it. Based on the findings, this study therefore recommends that higher learning institutions who are yet to introduce the information literacy programme should not hesitate to do so and it should be added to the academic curriculum and taught as a course with credit hours assigned to it.