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This study examined the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment among information professionals working at university libraries in Pakistan. A cross-sectional survey using a questionnaire was conducted. The questionnaire contained items related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment along with demographic variables. All the professionals working in university libraries of Punjab and Islamabad were considered as study population. It was decided to collect data from all these professionals. The questionnaire was administered either through personal visits or through email. A total of 329 questionnaires retuned which were used for data analysis. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied for data analysis. The results revealed job satisfaction appeared to be a statistically significant but positive predictor of organization commitment among survey participants. The facets such as promotion, supervision, and job itself also appeared to be the positive correlative of overall organizational commitment. Conversely, the three facets of job satisfaction pay, fringe benefits and colleagues were not significantly correlated with overall organizational commitment as well as with all its facets. These results are useful for human resource departments of universities who work strategically for retention of satisfied and productive employees for their institutions. This study would make worthy contribution in the existing research on library management.



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