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Face Recognition Systems are used widely in all areas as a medium of authentication, the ease of implementation and accuracy provides it with a broader scope. The face recognition systems are vulnerable to some extent and are attacked by performing different types of attacks using a variety of techniques. The term used to describe the measures taken to prevent these types of attacks is known as face anti spoofing. Research has been carried on since decades to design systems that are robust against these attacks. The focus of the work in this paper is to explore the area of face anti spoofing, research done in terms of quantitative analysis and its impact. The keyword analysis table indicates face recognition as a widely used keyword followed by biometrics and face anti spoofing as per the Scopus dataset search. The citation analysis indicates that texture based systems have contributed majorly for Face anti spoofing detection. The Bibliometric analysis done in this paper tends to provide some future research directions in the area of Face anti spoofing analyse the trends of research done.