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Purpose of the present study is to evaluate, awareness and use of marketing of Library services and products for better use of the library resources in the Government undergraduate college libraries in the sub-division of Durgapur, West Bengal, India. The study has used the two most common methods of survey, namely the descriptive survey method and the questionnaire tool through simple random sampling. The study shows that Computerization of the library system plays a vital role in the present scenario for better use of library services and information products as well as library resources. Both the users and the staff of the library were ignorant about the usage of the technology. This resulted in causing a barrier in availing of proper benefits of the available library services, information products and library resources. The study is an original research work mainly dealing with data collected through survey of the under graduate students of the among the students from Durgapur Government College, Michael Madhusudan College and Durgapur Woman’s College, situated in sub-division of Durgapur, West Bengal, India and collected data has been evaluated. Results are highlighting for the major findings, suggestions and conclusion.