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The purposes of the study are to identify marketing key features through content analysis of university library websites in Pakistan. Also compare the public and private sectors university library websites in terms of marketing activities. Similarly, expose marketing key features that lacks in public and private sector university library websites. Based on the adopted criteria, a checklist of marketing features was designed. A purposive sample of 53 main (Central) libraries websites of public and private sector universities having at least one marketing feature was selected for detailed analysis. The study reveals that the overall situation of university library websites in terms of marketing features is not good. However, public sector university library websites are comparatively better in this regard than the private sector. The results of the study help libraries to design and implement a strategic marketing plan that will ultimately create awareness about library resources and services via websites and help to improve the image of universities libraries in Pakistan. This study is new in Pakistan and fills the gap in the literature on the subject. Moreover, this study will support in developing library websites equipped with marketing features.



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