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Fall 10-1-2020


The keyword is a significant part of scholarly publications, which can play a vital role in information retrieval and research. Author Keywords are those provided by the original authors, and Keywords Plus are those extracted from the titles of the cited references by Thomson Reuters. Keywords Plus are those created by an automatic computer algorithm; these are words or phrases that frequently appear in the titles of an article’s references and not necessarily in the article's title or as Author.

The Web of Science (WoS) database is used to conduct this study. While conducting this study, a total of 654 documents were found from 1992 to 2020 in Ecocriticism. Extracted data is visualized through VOSviewer. Keywords are separated into three categories- All Keywords, Author Keywords, and Keywords Plus. Calculate the value of Overlap and Redundancy

This study attempts to discern and trace out the keywords in Ecocriticism research publications.