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Purpose: This retrospective study, evaluate the publications published in PubMed Indexed journals through authors who participated as the first or as a participatory author associated with institutes functioning in Pakistan.

Methods: The information related to literature in hepatitis C was published, and retrieved on October 1st, 2019 from the PubMed/Medline database to tabulate in Microsoft Excel 2010. Yearly growth of articles, the pattern of authorship, position and participation of the author in manuscript, subject-wise distribution of research, the involvement of institutes, and frequency of journals were objectives from the period 2014 - 2018.

Results: This study showed that 93 institutes are functioning in Pakistan contributed and participated with collaboration nationally and internationally in n=291; 24.2 per annum and 4.8 articles per month and 58.2 average articles are written by 1744; 5.9 authors were published from 2014 – 2018. The institutional repository shows that the majority of articles 134; 46 were written and participated by a single institute. The inclusion of 258; 88.6 authors from the host country as the first author and followed by 11; 3.7 as the second author out of 291 manuscripts shows the severity of the topic. The presence of 280; 96.2 of multi-authorship is strengthened to the importance of collaborative communications in research. Pharmacology 64; 22%, took the importance followed by Hepatology 41; 14%, Community Medicine 34; 11.6% and Chemistry / Biochemistry 30; 10.3% in specialties and subspecialties as a subject out of 23 subjects.

Conclusion: This research shows the timely and significant responses from the researchers of the host country to tackle the burden and shared their part in preventive and cure measures. Drug therapy, the functioning of laboratories, and the prevailing awareness in society about this disease are on top priority among the common people, Government bodies, and intellectuals of academics.



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