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In the 21st century, clothing fashion has become an inevitable part of every individual human as it is considered a way to express their personality to the outside world. Currently the traditional fashion business models are experiencing a paradigm shift from being an experience-based business strategy implementation to a data driven intelligent business improvisation. Artificial Intelligence is acting as a catalyst to achieve the infusion of data intelligence into the fashion industry which aims at fostering all the business brackets such as supply chain management, trend analysis, fashion recommendation, sales forecasting, digitized shopping experience etc. The field of “Fashion AI'' is still under research progress because the fashion data is a multifaceted entity which is available in any of the forms like an image, video, text and numerical values. Therefore, it becomes a challenging research arena. There is a paucity of a common study which can provide a bird’s eye view about the research efforts and directions. In this paper, the authors represent a bibliometric survey of the AI based fashion analysis domain based on the Scopus database. The study was conducted by retrieving 581 Scopus research papers published from 1975-2020 and analysed to find out critical insights such as publication volume, co-authorship networks, citation analysis, and demographic research distribution. The study revealed that significant contribution is made via concept propositions in conferences and some papers published in the journal. However, there is a scope of lots of research work in the direction of improving fashion industry with AI techniques.