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Spring 10-23-2020


This study investigates students’ preference of reading print and digital resources. A questionnaire survey with a stratified random sample of 700 postgraduate students of the universities in Kerala state of India was used to conduct the study. Comparison on media provided a fascinating insight into the way students read. The students reported a better comprehension, concentration, higher content absorption and comfort levels, if they read on print resources as opposed to digital resources. Majority of the students download the documents, take notes, and copy and paste contents while reading digital resources. There is no significant gender difference in their level of comprehension while reading both print and digital resources. However, there is significant gender difference in the choice of reading media under the circumstance like depth and concentrated reading, casual reading, reading lengthy documents, one-time reading, speed reading, relaxed reading, and reading something very important. This study provides useful information for developing improved interfaces for online reading and enhancing the online reading skills of students.