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An IT revolution is occurring in almost all spheres of human endeavor. The field of Library and Information science (LIS) has also been predominated by advances in IT which has brought about dramatic changes in all ramifications. Change is now occurring in the area of education and training/curriculum, information seeking behaviour of users, as well as in the area of service delivery to clients. This paper therefore explores how IT can be incorporated into LIS curriculum in Nigeria in order to produce competent graduates that can withstand the test of time, and also function fully in the 21st century. The concept of IT is also briefly examined by the paper. Although IT development in Nigeria is moving very slowly, the paper discusses the necessity for having various types of ITs in the LIS schools necessary for survival in the 21st century LIS training and education. Also the paradigm shift in the global LIS education curriculum has been discussed. The paper also provides a brief background of LIS education in Nigeria. Though IT in LIS education curriculum has become popular in most countries, in Nigeria it is still been hindered by a number of factors which include lack of proper funding of LIS programmes, erratic supply of basic infrastructure such as electricity, as well as lack of IT facilities. Some suggestions for minimizing some of the identified problems are provided.