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Fall 10-24-2020

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Posting a personal data information on social media can be easily done by anyone. These activities are easily found on the user's social media profile page, which is not uncommon to contain personal information. This is coupled with the possibility of security gaps in social media services, can be utilized for various purposes, and by anyone, including other users and service providers themselves. On the other hand, regulations and policies regarding personal data information, have not been clearly regulated in Indonesia. By using a qualitative approach, this research aims to determine the stage of the user consciousness related to personal data information, and a variety of personal data information that is listed on the user's social media. The results show that the stage of consciousness arises when the user thinks critically in the decision of the inclusion of a personal data information. The results of the study also showed that users know a variety of personal data information, which is appropriate for each user's background. This research also suggests that the social media users should provide themselves with the sufficient knowledge of social media usage.