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The quality of a scientific journal is determined by several standards. In Indonesia, one of the assessments of the quality of national journals uses the SINTA (Science and Technology Index) rating system. To obtain SINTA ranking results, it is necessary to match the contents of the journal with the assessment points contained in ARJUNA (National Journal Accreditation). Several points of assessment include primary and secondary reference ratios, the ratio of the reference source year, and the suitability of the article content with the focus and scope determined by each journal. Biotika is a Biology journal that is currently submitting for the accreditation process. This study aims to analyze several points of assessment in the Biotika. The method used in this research is a quantitative descriptive research method. The result is that there is a development in the comparison of the number of literature that comes from primary sources is greater than secondary sources so that the increasing trend needs to be maintained. The number of comparisons between references with publication years which are more than 10 years is relatively higher than references with publication years which are less than 10 years. The topics of environmental biology and microbiology are the most common, while the topics of structural biology and function biology are relatively few compared to other topics, so a strategy is needed to attract the attention of researchers on these topics to submit articles to Biotika journals



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