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Winter 11-4-2020


There is a concern about rapid increase of internet addiction across the globe. So, it is very important to understand the factors that predict excessive use of internet and can help to prevent the addictive behavior among the people. Rapid use of internet provides enhanced opportunities in communication, information sharing and social interaction. But, the extreme and unnecessary use by individuals has led to the coming out of the concept of internet addiction. Present study was conducted with objectives to determine the level of internet addiction among the participants. For this study an online survey has been conducted using Google form. The form consist the demographic information of the respondents and the 20 questions proposed in Young’s internet addiction test (IAT). The concept of addiction is not easy to define and study, but essential to it is dependence on an activity. Overall, the IAT is a valid and reliable tool that may use for further study on internet addiction. Internet addiction is a growing problem among students, so it is necessary to develop strategies for prevention of internet addiction, which is vital for promoting safe use of internet.



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