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Researchers’ competencies are directly related to the quality and effectiveness of the research they produce. However, training opportunities for education and conducting research seem to be limited for the growing research culture in Pakistan. The purpose of this study was to assess research related training needs of postgraduate researchers (PGRs), and to producing a research skills development framework. A structured questionnaire was developed for survey through literature review and expert opinions. Non-random sampling was employed to approach the PGRs enrolled in the University of the Punjab (PU) and Government College University Lahore (GCU). The findings revealed that PGRs wanted to develop skills in various areas of a research project including topic selection, research design and methodology, use of mixed methods approach and data analysis software. The results might help in designing training and capacity building programs, promoting a conducive research culture in the country and improving the quality of research being produced. This study provided a framework likely to be beneficial for quality enhancement cells, universities, organizations and other institutions in organizing effective research training and development programs for researchers.



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