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Ceramic polymer composites have gained a significant place in energy storage applications for electrical capacitors due to their distinguished properties. There is a huge demand of capacitors with high energy density, high dielectric strength, negligibly low dielectric loss, light weight, chemically less reactive in energy storage applications. These requirements can be fulfilled by ceramic polymer composites only which exhibit all the above-mentioned characteristics. Considering the huge demand of such capacitors, it has attracted the attention of researchers around the world. The present work attempts to summarise all the research conducted on Polymer Composites for energy storage applications and provides an up-to-date research document for the ready reference of the researchers/scientists engaged in the area of Polymer composites. The bibliometric analysis includes Scopus database and software, such as Gephi, Vos Viewer, and Table2Net. The study can be considered as a handbook reflecting the gradual exploration in the field of polymer composites and their applications in energy storage.



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