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5G (5th Generation) and the related technologies implementation are expected in 2020. The 5G is considered to be a breakthrough of IoT devices in terms of enhanced bandwidth, efficiency, reliability and energy consumption. This study focuses on quantitative and qualitative progression of research in the field of 5G. It also provides the publishing trend, most productive and cited countries, organizations, and authors on 5G. In addition, it identifies the most frequently used keywords, authorship pattern and preferred journals. The research is based on 5G related research from Scopus database, which includes all relevant keywords of the field limiting it to conference papers, articles, book chapters, editorial and books. The outcome of the study revealed that 5G related research is on the rise worldwide. The number of yearly published articles has increased from one to 2222 during the period between 2003 and 2020. China, United States and United-Kingdom are most productive countries. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications have taken lead in publishing 5G research. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that 19 out of these 20 most productive organizations in the world, seven belong to China. Majority of top 10 preferred journals are Q1 and published by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The most popular authorship pattern is three-authors. In subcategories of wireless networks, 5G communication gets a lot of attention.