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Fall 10-4-2020


The present study used bibliometric and visualization techniques for the analysis of wastewater literature published in the Web of Science 2019-2020. The bibliometrix tool based on R package, Excel, MS-Access, ScientoPy and VOS-viewer software packages were used for data analysis and bibliometric indicators extraction. This is for evaluating the research productivity of wastewater based on the data collected from documents that covered two recent years. The work ventured to examine the overall performance of wastewater researchers in their research quest, productivity achievements, and publications accomplishments. The study answered questions related to most productive countries, organizations, and authors; preferred types of researcher’s sources; authorship collaboration; most frequently used keyword and co-occurrence network in wastewater research; and influential research’s citations and usage. Likewise, focus concentrated on top-ranked publications, authors per document, degree of collaboration based on the data collected. During the study, a total of 8893 documents types were investigated from different Sources. The higher rate of total publications, total citations, and total links strength are noted for the Peoples Republic of China. Nonetheless, Australia, Italy, and Germany, respectively, scored the best for citation impact. Highly research producing organization on wastewater concerning total publications, total citations, total links strength, and citation impact are observed to be the Chinese Academic of Science headed the scenario.

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