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Reading has a significant impact on human culture and civilization as it is one of the ways of communicating an idea and thinking. It is important for getting information, knowledge and enhancement of understanding. Reading provides a medium for languages and ideas as well as entertainment. Reading habits play an important role as a helping hand to mothers for looking after children. Working mothers faces challenges for the development of children due to dual responsibilities; professional and child development. Both responsibilities demand high quality of work from the mothers.

The aim of this study to know reading habits of working mothers of Karachi vis-à-vis explore the impact of working mothers reading habits on children development. In this study, mothers of the children (age between 5 to 14 years) who are working in the field of different professions in Karachi are selected. A mix method approach was used. A questionnaire and interview guide was developed to collect data. Sample size of this study comprised of fifty working mothers.

Quantitative data were analyzed using SPSS software. Data collected through interview were transcribed and coded using grounded theory. Result shows that working mothers have reading habits. In addition, their interest topics are child psychology, education, health and fitness. Reading habits have a significant impact to overcome challenges face by working mother caring with their children. Working mothers face biggest challenge of time management. This study aims to promote reading habits among people as it will be beneficial for working mothers as well as helpful for libraries.