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Introduction of study: This study portrays the European Journal of International Law's published data from 2006 - 2019, indexed in the Scopus-Elsevier database.

Methodology: The retrieved data tabulated in MS Office Excel Sheet. The author's role and collaboration, type of documents, and association of the first author with the country aimed to explore the issue and year wise frequency of publications.

Results: Total 739 documents published and distributed in seven categories original articles 582; 78.7%, followed by 59; 8% review articles and 56; 7.5% editorials got the top slot in the publications. Single or solo authors wrote the documents produced by 841; 1.1% authors, majority 621; 84%; research papers. The affiliation of the first author belongs to forty-three countries. In this study, The United Kingdom on the top slot with 147; 19.8% publications, followed by United States 119; 16.1%, and Italy 118; 16%. Twelve articles published in random years got a maximum of 348 and a minimum of 100 citations.

Conclusion: The European Journal of International Law regularly publishes a consistent approach and promotes international law writings. This journal's dynamic is the facilitation of translations from French, Spanish, Italian and German languages to the English language.



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