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The present study attempts to explore and analyses the role of the school library in reinforcing inclusive education. School library is essential to the growing children as it motivates the inner strength of the younger minds. This paper looks at the perceptions of the secondary school students towards utilizing the school library in Mysore South Block. During the preparation of this paper, an attempt was made to collect the required data from all available sources. The study uses sampled secondary school students in Mysore South Block. The questionnaire was used as a data collection tool. 200 questionnaires were distributed among secondary school students for collecting relevant data. The study discovers that changing the ICT environment has affected the information-seeking behavior of students and henceforth Professional Librarians should initiate an Information Literacy program to make the students and teachers aware of the library resources and services. This paper advocates that the school library professionals reflect on changes in the library environment and more assistance from the Professional Librarian can significantly change students’ perceptions about utilizing the school library.



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