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This study has been carried out with an aim to explore the perception and attitudes of Research Scholars of Central Universities of Assam towards library services through Social Networking Sites. A structured questionnaire was distributed among 250 Research Scholars of the Central Universities of Assam. It is found from the results that 93.55% Research SCholars have positive perception regarding use of SNSs for providing library services to the users. The study revealed that Facebook is the most preferred SNS preferred by 58.98% respondents and Delicious is the least preferred SNS preferred only by 0.92% respondents. It was found from the study that only 19.36% research scholars have been following their libraries’ SNSs since a period of ‘1 year-5 years’ and 39.17% have ‘not yet’ followed. The study also revealed that only 24.42% research scholars regarded SNSs of their university libraries as ‘very active’, while activeness of library’s SNS was ‘not known’ to 38.71% of the research scholars. The study resulted that ‘News on library services’ is the mostly chosen motivating factor of the library’s SNSs chosen by 44.24% respondents. The study concluded that the libraries shall have to be active, motivating and beneficial for the users in delivering services through SNSs for the purpose of reaching more users beyond the physical boundaries of the library premises.



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