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The customers in all institutions and organizations are important resources that drive the services for optimum satisfaction. They are also the important factor in library and information sectors. As the library is about people and satisfaction of needs, it makes sense that these people are accorded with the highest regards, respect and warmth for that total quality service. The 5 star customer services become pertinent and great strategy in efficient library and information centers. Today, the customers have the power to make or mar any organization through information sharing in online and offline modes. This paper highlighted the concept of integrating 5 star customer services in library and information centers, the enhancement of services for smart cities and communities, the delivering of total quality services and the way forward. Hence, there is need to live, breathe and navigate the 5 star customer services in all libraries and information centers. This is the right time to begin to apply the requisite quality services that add value to peoples’ lives with the good mindset. The 5 star customer services can be replicated in the libraries for the wholesome packages that aim to establish long lasting memories in the clients with the desire to come back for more.