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Winter 11-2020

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This study investigates the acceptance of digital library system (Digilib system) by students and librarians of the State Islamic University of North Sumatera (UIN Sumatera Utara) Medan. It highlights the system’s rate of acceptance from the perceived usefulness (PU), perceived ease of use (PEOU), behavioural intention to use (IU), and actual system usage (AU). Furthermore, the study investigates the problems in using the system and the users’ strategy in coping with the problems. Data were collected using an online survey from 186 respondents, comprising 26 librarians and 160 students. A quantitative approach was applied using a TAM model to measure the acceptance rate from perceived usefulness, ease of use, intentional behaviour to use, and actual system usage. The rate of Digilib system acceptance by the users of UINSU was low, with the contribution of 22.4% of PU, 28.3% of PEOU, 29.9% of IU and 7.2% of AU. Based on the findings, librarians need to re-evaluate the existing system to further understand the causes of low acceptance.