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Central Library National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, West Bengal, India conducted study after the announcement of nationwide lockdown in India to know the students’ awareness about COVID-19, anxiety caused, if any, due to the Pandemic and its impact over their academic activities. Central Library also tries to find out the user satisfaction and expectations during the lockdown. Authors opted Google form as a questionnaire which contains the questions of general perception and distributed via Institute email Ids. Responses were analysed using Microsoft Excel. Two hundred fifty research scholars and postgraduate students were selected randomly for the study and 135 (54%) responses received. 107 (77%) were male and 31 (23%) were female respondents. It was found that 133 (99%) of students were aware of the Coronavirus and its impact. 60 (44%) students have no impact over their normal routine at home whereas 22(16%) were afraid of the situation, 14 (10%) were worrying constantly. 47 (35%) were experiencing anxiety and stress. 89 (66%) students believed their lifestyle is changed, the majority of the students 46 (34%) were spending 2-4 hours in the study even more. 109 (81%) students were accessing e-resources through id/passwords and 96 (71%) students agreed that the library plays an inevitable role in their study.With the commencement of online teaching learning Central Library started extending its services beyond the campus and initiated to collect id/passwords so that e-resources can be made accessible off-campus. Simultaneously library started setting up remote access tool to integrate the subscribed e-resources at a single platform.