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Fall 11-15-2020


This study aims to prove that those scholarly articles belonging to subjects with changing proportions of open-access implementation have an incredible research impact if the research articles are openly accessible online than by paid access. This study also explores the impact of open access research data in Pakistan through the library and information science (LIS) professionals' perception. The foundation of this study includes surveying the research method. The LIS professionals were surveyed to assess their perception towards the possibly better impact of open access research data than non-OA ones. This study indicates that free-access research data have a better research impact and scope than those that have not openly accessible.

This study is part of a Ph.D. dissertation. This study's respondents were library professionals working in public sector university libraries of Pakistan, so the library professionals are working in the libraries of colleges, schools, and private sector universities. Data should only be made open and placed online when there is a clear demand for it. Academic institutions should focus on releasing open data. Academic institutions should provide tools that make it easier for the researcher to look inside open datasets.



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