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Purpose – The Department of Library and Information Science, Pondicherry University, has a Facebook page created a decade back to reach out to its Alumni and Research Scholars. This research is to collect feedback on the FB page to improvise it.

Design/methodology/approach – A well-structured questionnaire comprising two sections: section A: demographic details and Section B: consist of questions with provisions to rank on a five-point Likert scale, circulated on the Departments Facebook Page (DLIS-Pondicherry-University). Sixty responses were recorded during data collection and analyzed using SPSS.

Findings – The present study results show that the Facebook page is used more for interaction with the faculty, but WhatsApp's use was more comparatively. Job-related postings attracted more preferences as most alumni and research scholars are in the early career, and the Department is just a decade old. Interactions were more, but the satisfaction seems split. More subject-related content is needed to keep the satisfaction level high.