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Libraries using institutional repositories aim to manage and preserve digital content. As digital collection providers, they must be prepared to face various problems, especially policy issues regarding how digital collections can develop and can meet user needs in a relatively long time (long-term use). The problem that will be faced is the age of data storage media which can only last at least 10 years so that digital collections must be copied again to reduce the possibility of losing the information contained in digital collections. This problem is one of the reasons for the digital preservation of repository digital collections which are intellectual and cultural property as well as assets for the repository itself. This preservation is a form of organizational readiness in maintaining the existence of the library and preserving the collection so that it has a long term of use. This research uses descriptive quantitative method with a random sampling process with 100 respondents netted in the webometric. Library readiness in digital preservation reaches the consolidate stage, repository institution consolidates its resources for the development of digital preservation. The factors included in this readiness are organizational infrastructure, technological infrastructure, and resources.



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