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Network on chip (NoC) has been proposed as an emerging solution for scalability and performance demands of next generation System on Chip (SoC). NoC provides a solution for the bus based interconnection issue of SoC, where large numbers of Intellectual Property modules (IP) are integrated on a single chip for better performance. The NoC has several advantages such as scalability, low latency and low power consumption, high bandwidth over dedicated wires and buses. Interconnections between multiple chip cores have a significant impact on the communication and performance of the chip design in terms of region, latency, throughput and power. In the NoC architecture, the router is a dominant component that significantly affects the performance of the NoC. NoC router architectures evolved since the year 2002 and progress in the domain pertaining to the optimization in the NoC router architectures has been discussed. The key objective of this bibliometric review is to understand the extent of the existing literature in the domain of performance efficient NoC router architectures. The bibliometric analysis is primarily based on data extracted from Scopus. It reveals that major contributions are done by researchers from USA, China followed by India in the form of conference, journals and articles publications. The major contribution is by the subject areas of Computer Science and Engineering followed by Mathematics and Material Science. The geographical analysis is done by using the GPS visualize tool. The clusters were created using Gephi.