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Libraries are considered as treasures of knowledge providing access to huge variety of materials (books, journals, manuscripts, audio/visual etc.) with the help of institutions to which these (libraries) are associated. But, the preservation of such knowledge (material) is also of prime importance in order to make these resources (material) available for information seekers. In this whole process of collection, storage as well as dissemination of (knowledge), library professionals (librarians) has a great role to play. Which cannot be separated at any cost. Even at the time of pandemic, their (library professionals) role need to be very much vibrant to benefit the members (knowledge seekers) of the society. Therefore, present study attempts to focus upon the same. By conducting an online survey, to analyse “The role of library professionals in satisfying user (Teachers, Students) needs during the pandemic situation”. Through formulation of certain assumptions and examine whether the laid down hypothesis attain acceptance or rejection. Which leads to the appropriate results, expected beneficial for the academic excellence as well as for the development of society collectively. Further, for analysis SPSS version 20 (helps in carrying out number of observations)is used.



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