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Winter 12-31-2020


The scientometric analysis of Nobel Laureate George P. Smith, who had been awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2018, reveals that the author has published 55 papers in various fields between 1971 and 2019. The subjects included 26 articles in Biomolecular Interactions, 17 papers in Genomics, 10 in Protein, and 2 in Evolutionary Biology. The forms of publications included 45 article papers, 1 book chapter, 2 editorials, 6 reviews, and 1 short survey. 17 of his publications were single-authored, 18 two authored, 9 three and four authored, and 1 five and six authored. The highest no papers were published during the period 1991 - 2000. He has published the highest no papers (6) in BIOTECHNIQUES.