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This study was an attempt to analyze the open access global research trends on “Hantavirus” research during 2009-2019 on the base of the Scopus Database. To understand the research trend of scientific publication on Hantavirus for the period 2009 to 2019, this scientometric study was carried out depending on different scientometric indicators such as: Annual Growth of Publication (AGR), Relative Growth of Publication (RGR), Doubling Time, Productive country, author and institution, collaboration among authors, countries and institutions, citation pattern etc. A total of 1023 records were extracted from the Scopus database, after excluding the duplicate records, total 1021 records were taken for the analysis and the selected data were analyzed using different scientometric tools. From the study, it is found that the year 2019 has the highest contribution with total 148 (14.5%) numbers of publications on Hantavirus research. Vaheri A. is the highest contribution author with total 42, (4.11%) publications followed by Vapalahti O. and Yanagihara R. with total 30, (2.94%) of publications. The United States is in the 1st position with highest number of 361, (35.36%) publications during the period taken here for study followed by China with 129, (12.63%) total publications. Hantavirus, article, human, humans, nonhuman, animals are the commonly used keywords on Hantavirus research.