Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The purpose of this study was to investigate the usefulness of smartphones in achieving educational goals. Moreover, this study also explores the required library services that should be accessible via smartphone. A quantitative research approach was adopted and a self-administered questionnaire was distributed among those students who currently using smartphones to answer the survey. Descriptive statistics were applied to analyze the purpose of the students in relation to use their smartphones. The findings indicate that the university students had a positive attitude to use the smartphone for academic purposes on average and across the board. They used the smartphones on the basis of priority to prepare class assignments, searching and reading course-related material, watching online lectures and sharing information with their classmates. They recommended that Information about new arrivals of books, e-journals, library events, e-books, online tutorials, OPAC, and e-databases are preferred services that should be accessible via smartphone. This study provides useful insights for academic institutions to offer the online learning platform supported via smartphone and also helpful for librarians to offer smartphone-based library services to the library patrons.