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Text mining is the process and technique used for searching, retrieving and extracting high quality, useful and purposeful information from the ocean of unstructured and unclassified data and information in the form of text written in natural language. It is also referred to as text engineering, text data mining or text analytics. Text mining is an emerging field of research. The purpose of this paper is to review text mining in general and with special context to library and information science. Text mining involves artificial intelligence. Hence, this system is very efficient in its work as compared to human capabilities in terms of time constraints and the counts of frequency which involves accuracy. This field has many prospects to offer and in the context of the library and information science. This technique can be very helpful in managing ever-growing and proliferating information in every field of knowledge. Moreover, this technique can also be used for research in the field of LIS. Researchers and librarians may find it useful to put efforts in this field for being better adapted to future. This review is useful for the motivation of LIS researchers to involve in text mining aimed at contributing new knowledge to the improvement of library profession and services. Since text mining is an emerging field in research, less literature is available particularly related to library and information science.