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Digital preservation is an evolving area of research for libraries, archives, and museums across the globe over the last two decades. Due to the growing recognition of the need to address various issues dealt with digital preservation, this field of study has generated quite a range of scholarly communications on several aspects. The present paper aims to examine critically the extant literature on "digital preservation and libraries" for the period from 2001 to 2019 and to assess the evolving trajectory and trends. Out of a total of 1292 extracted records from the Scopus database, a total of 710 articles are considered for the study purpose after the exclusion of non-relevant articles. Employing bibliometric indicators the study primarily assessed the publication pattern, document types, the most prolific authors, most contributing institutions, and focus areas of study as well as the geographical distribution of publications. Along with this, the VOSviewer software is used for co-author network analysis. The findings of the current analysis reveal that the highest number of papers published in the source journal "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" while the U.S.A. is in the top spot among the countries and author Nelson, M. L. from the U.S.A. has published the maximum number of research papers. It also provides information on various forms of publication on digital preservation and the impactful papers. Though there are studies on the assessment of digital libraries and digital repositories, a bibliometric assessment of literature on digital preservation is a novel attempt. As a metric study, it reflects the relative position of a country, an institution, and a researcher.



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