Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 12-1-2020

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Libraries are service-oriented organizations established for the provision of relevant information resources and services needed to meet their users information needs. Libraries are institutions that select, acquire, process, organize and disseminate information materials such as books, magazines, journals, microfilm, maps, government documents and other resources in support of teaching, learning, recreation and research. However, the extents to which university libraries provide these services in Kwara State, Nigeria remain unknown until now. The study employed a survey research design, where undergraduate students population stood at 68,298. Proportionate stratified sampling was used to select 382 participants. A self-structured questionnaire was used for the collection of data. The instrument was faced and constructed validate by 3 research experts while the test-retest reliability finding of the pilot study yields a Cronbach Alpha coefficient of 0.77. Data were analyzed using a descriptive statistic of frequency counts, percentage, mean score and standard deviation. The report of findings revealed that information services provided almost every time to the user in the library was lending and borrowing (X=4.2), reference services (X=4.2), users education (X=4.1) and shelf management with a mean score of (X=4.1). The study concluded that undergraduate students in university libraries in Kwara State, Nigeria perceived the information services provided to be satisfactory. It was recommended that the current level of service provision should be improved upon to enhance more users patronage.