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Winter 1-8-2021


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The aim of the study is to find the use of social media among research scholars. The survey method was used to collect data from the respondents. A quantitative research design was deployed to complete this study. A structured questionnaire was designed to collect the data from the chosen population using Google Docs online. The finding of the study shows most of the respondents were male with 76% and female were 24%. 37% of the respondents were having M.Phil. and MS and age range 30 to 40 from 36%. The disciplines were concern where 22% of them were from management sciences. The finding further revealed that most of the research scholars accessed WhatsApp frequently with 21% and it determines the positive impact of using social media with 66%. It is also found that the majority of the research scholars use social media “to participate in discussions” with (m: 1.3176) and the major factor of using social media by research scholars “ease in use with different tools “with (m: 1.3446). The research scholars are facing issues and challenges where “Wi-Fi issue” with (m: 1.3176). The higher authority should resolve these issues and make scholarly communication better for research scholars at future concern