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Cloud computing technology is one of the most emerging technologies in the field of Computer Science.The present study aims at analyzing the research output performance of Cloud Computing Technology published in the Scopus database from 2007 to 2019. The various bibliometric components of the 73174 research records are published in the study period. The study shows the various indicators of cloud computing technology literature, such as Year wise growth rate, Relative Growth Rate (RGR), Doubling Time (Dt), country wise, Research Institute wise, Most prolific authors and form-wise, etc. The maximum number of publications were recorded in the year 2018 and further, it is found that RGR is gradually increasing and at the same time doubling time of the literature is gradual decreases over the study period. On an average 5678 articles and 51954 citations are being published and received every year during the study period, the majority of the publications have three and two authored papers and received nine citations per publication during the study period. The highest number of publications were published by Buyya, R .i.e285 articles (H index-72). China (19123-26.13%) has published the highest number of articles in the field of cloud computing technology and most publications are published in the form of conference papers and research articles. Further, the highest degree of collaboration (r=.9)is observed in the field of cloud computing technology and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (1143) has emerged as one of the top research institutes, and Communications in Computer and Information Science journal is the most productive journal in the field of cloud computing technology. Finally, it can be revealed that a lot of research activity is being taking place and promotion of collaborative research culture is also observed in cloud computing technology