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Fall 11-30-2020

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this article would be a significant contribution to the scare literature on public library in special context to Pakistan



Objectives of the study: This study is about the assessing of use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Collection Management (CM) of Public Libraries in Punjab (PLsP), Pakistan.

Research Design:The study was conducted in seventeen PLsP. Target population was the Head Librarians(HLs) of the selected PLsP. Data regarding current status of ICT apparatus, IT staff, available ICT resources and usage of ICT in CM was collected from the concerned HLs through a comprehensive questionnaire. The questionnaire having mostly closed ended questions was constructed in the light of extensive literature review. The data collected from HLs was analyzed and interpreted manually.

Key Findings: Present status of ICT apparatus, IT staff & available ICT resources like internet in PLs was found unsatisfactory and lack of IT professionals & skilled IT staff was note over there. The respondents found convinced about the importance of ICT in CM. Status of usage of ICT in CM was found poor. Absence of required ICT related staff training was also noted. Scarcity of needed funds for ICT and interrupted power supply were found as the pressing issues in PLsP.

Practical Implication: PLsP were recommended to develop their ICT apparatus, ensure qualified IT staff, and enrich their available ICT resources to improve their status of usage of ICT in CM. ICT training of staff, availability of needed funds and arrangements for uninterrupted power supply were also recommended.