Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Infopreneurship amongst library professionals has the potential to provide income to support salary paid job, which could guarantee financial satisfaction. However, the review of literature found little or no research has been done on infopreneurial practices among library professionals in Nigeria. In a bid to carrying out this focus, this study adopted the descriptive survey design. The population comprised forty-one (41) library professionals from three tertiary institutions. The total enumeration sampling technique was used to study all respondents for the study. A self-structured questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. Data gathered were analysed using descriptive (frequency, percentage & mean) and inferential statistics (Pearson product-moment correlation). Findings revealed that library professionals earn commission in infopreneurship through information creation but not in information trafficking and services. The purpose for engaging in infopreneurship was leadership experience, Self-Development, Library education and training practice, socialization and moneymaking. Some benefits such as greater self-confidence, knowledge gain, impacted people’s lives, sense of fulfilment, financial independence and Recognition were found to be benefits of infopreneurship. The study concluded by noting that infopreneurship can be employed to assist library professionals in their development. Necessary support on possible means of developing infopreneurial skills of library personnel was recommended.