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The purpose of this study was to design distance learning platform using heutagogy approach. This study is expected to help to improve the quality of student learning outcomes and to motivate students to learn. This type of research is the development of research, known as research and development (R&D). The design of this study adapting by the SDLC model. The aim of this study is to design an online platform in Industrial Revolution 4.0 using Heutagogy Approach. The design will use the website programming namely PHP and MySQL as databases. Result of this study: the design and development of distance learning platform using heutagogy approach can improve the effectiveness of the learning process and the use of online learning will be a new method/approach of learning systems in the industrial revolution 4.0. Acceptance of distance learning is also important because this acceptance can provide benefits for the development of education. This is supported by the result of questionnaire which states that >75% of users are interested in using this system.



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