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Feature selection technique is an important step in the prediction and classification process, primarily in data mining related aspects or related to medical field. Feature selection is immersive with the errand of choosing a subset of applicable features that could be utilized in developing a prototype. Medical datasets are huge in size; hence some effective optimization techniques are required to produce accurate results. Optimization algorithms are a critical function in medical data mining particularly in identifying diseases since it offers excellent effectiveness in minimum computational expense and time. The classification algorithms also produce superior outcomes when an objective function is built using the feature selection algorithm. The solitary motive of the research paper analysis is to comprehend the reach and utility of optimization algorithms such as the Genetic Algorithm (GA), the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) in the field of Health care.

The aim is to bring efficiency and maximum optimization in the health care sector using the vast information that is already available related to these fields. With the help of data sets that are available in the health care analysis, our focus is to extract the most important features using optimization techniques and work on different algorithms so as to get the most optimized result.

Precision largely depends on usefulness of features that are taken into consideration along with finding useful patterns in those features to characterize the main problem. The Performance of the optimized algorithm finds the overall optimum with less function evaluation. The principle target of this examination is to optimize feature selection technique to bring an optimized and efficient model to cater to various health issues.

In this research paper, to do bibliometric analysis Scopus and Web of Science databases are used. This bibliometric analysis considers important keywords, datasets, significance of the considered research papers. It also gives details about types, sources of publications, yearly publication trends, significant countries from Scopus and Web of Science. Also, it captures details about co-appearing keywords, authors, source titles through networked diagrams. In a way, this research paper can be useful to researchers who want to contribute in the area of feature selection and optimization in healthcare. From this research paper it is observed that there is a lot scope for research for the considered research area. This kind of research will also be helpful for analyzing pandemic scenarios like COVID-19.