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Winter 12-12-2020


This study examined the research productivity on Knowledge Management from Pakistan during the years 2000-2020. The study tends to determine the year-wise publications, authorship pattern, total count of citations, citations per year, most cited publications and the most prolific authors. The data for the study was extracted from Google Scholar by using bibliometric tool “Public & Perish”. The data was further analyzed on different parameters with the help of Publish & Perish and MS Excel 2016. It was found that a total of 84 documents were published during the study period. The results show that the highest number of publications (15) were published in 2018. Three authorship pattern was dominated in the papers with 28.571% contribution to the total. A total of 372 citations received by the papers and 90 (24.193%) citations received in a single year of 2014. The most cited paper appeared in FWU Journal of Social Science written by S Ahmed, M Fiaz and M Shoaib. The results also show that six authors had written three papers each on knowledge management.