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Winter 2-1-2021


The study examined the collaborative measures and authorship pattern of current science journal during 2014 to 2018. Data retrieved from Web of Science (WoS) bibliographical database. A total of 4298 publications appeared in current science journal during the study period. The aim of the study to illustrates various significant aspect of collaborative measures like collaborative index, degree of collaboration, collaborative coefficient, modified collaborative coefficient and authorship pattern. Relative growth rate and doubling time also analysed to find the growth of publications. Finding of the study states that 1440 (33.50%) papers contributed by single author, average value of collaborative index are 3.39, degree of collaboration was 0.90, overall collaborative coefficient was 0.78 and there is no change in the value of modified collaborative coefficient. It also concluded that relative growth rate decreased where doubling time increased during the study period. There is a strong positive correlation found between the publications and authors and between single author and multiple authors in current science journal.